#TheWalkingDead Tweet Chat Reflection

I love the show “The Walking Dead.” Point blank.  End of story. Every Sunday at 9 p.m., my girlfriend and I eagerly drop everything that we are doing so that we can put all our attention on the hour long show while looking, well, just like mindless zombies ourselves as we watch the twisted storylines and zombie killing action take place.

The show (which began airing in October 2010) takes place in a post zombie-apocalyptic world, and takes many cues from classic zombie movies but also incorporates modern drama and situations. So you know I was more than excited to participate in #TheWalkingDead tweet chat that was going on.

Recently I had discovered that The Walking Dead was actually based off of a comic book written by Robert Kirkman. I went ahead and posted “So how come i never knew that #TheWalkingDead was a comic book before?” and I soon began receiving notices of other people informing me of how the comic transitioned onto the small screen.

My most frequent participants in the tweet chat were @paige_stricklin  and @Skulleeroz3334 who seemed like they were even bigger fans than I was.

A couple of topics I brought up were about favorite characters (a surprisingly few amount of people chose Rick, the main character) and also about favorite episodes (I chose the most recent one at the time, which had several main characters die, while many Tweeters chose last season’s finale episode)

The tweet chat really allowed me to connect with other people who had the same passion about the show as I did and also helped me learn facts and stories about the show that I would never have learned otherwise. I even gained a couple followers out of it!

My advice: If you have an interest about something, just hashtag it and wait till the mentions start piling in! In the meantime, you’ll know where to find me on Sundays at 9 (but don’t comment me, I won’t check it till 10!)



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